Low Voltage Fan Driver

This example is for fan that we developed base on NM18002Y. NM18002Y is composed of 8051 and 30V PN gate driver. There are built-in comparators and 5V LDO, which can help users save PCB space and cost. Compared with the general ASIC IC, various peripheral function can be easily expanded with microcontroller. Based on this example, users can complete project more quickly.

  • Features
    24V/ 2.5A/ 50W fan driver based on NM18002Y. 
    Supports for Direct input/ VSP.
    Supports analog signal detection.
    Supports phase shift.
    Current limit/ Block/ Over voltage protection.
  • Specifications
    NM18002Y (8-bit MCU, 8051-based)
    - 30V single-phase pre driver.
    -  Package : QFN24
    24 MHz operating frequency.
    16 KB Flash/ 1 KB SRAM.
    - Operating temperature: -40℃ to 105℃
    - Built-in 5V LDO/ comparator.
    - Shoot-through protection.
    - UVLO.
  • System Block Diagram
Low Voltage Fan Driver-1 Low Voltage Fan Driver-2-加上長寬比例尺

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