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The NPCM7xxR iBMC family of products is the third generation of Nuvoton’s BMC products that combine Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), VGA-compatible Graphics core with PCI-Express (PCIe) Gen-2 interface, Virtual Media and Keyboard, Video and Mouse Redirection (KVMR). It supports a variety of chipsets and integrates SuperI/O functionality sufficient for a legacy-reduced server.

The NPCM7xxR family offers four pin-compatible products.

  • The NPCM750R and NPCM710R are targeted for Enterprise segment.
  • The NPCM730R and NPCM705R are optimized for Data Center and Hyperscale applications.

To support upcoming BMC computing and processing requirements, the NPCM7xxR offers a scalable computing subsystem ranging from a single-core to a dual-core ARM® Cortex A9, at 800 MHz with L1/L2 caches.

The NPCM7xxR family supports a “Secure BMC” mode of operation. In this mode, the BMC is the Root of Trust and it executes only an authenticated software that was cryptographically signed. In case of a security breach, the BMC will halt operation.

To increase system performance and for real time applications handling, the NPCM7xxR integrates a dedicated 200 MHz 32-bit RISC Co-Processor. 

For Server and NVMexpress manageability applications, the NPCM7xxR implements an MCTP node over PCIe, which enables the BMC to receive and transmit MCTP packets over the PCIe fabric.

The NPCM7xxR PCIe Root-Complex (RC) function can be used for control of devices in Storage and Network platforms.

Nuvoton provides software manageability developers with Linux SDK, Co-Processor SDK and production utilities. NPCM7xxR is supported by OpenBMC.


  • Diagram:

ibmc diagram.png


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