NuMicroPy ( Github / Gitlab / Gitee ) is the port of MicroPython to Nuvoton NuMicro family microcontrollers (See MicroPython). The MicroPython is a Python 3.x programming language interpreter that run on the small embedded system. With MicorPython, users can write clean and simple Python code to control hardware. 

Since Python is an interpreted language, users don't need to use a compiler or an IDE when writing Python code. Just use the text editor to write the code and then Copy and Paste (file access) to virtual disk and run the code on NuMicro microcontrollers.

MicroPython provides a REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop) mode that allows users to quickly test and run code through a terminal application.

Feature :

1.MicroPython provides a series of python libraries that can control the functions of the Microcontroller.

2.Engineers can use to build simple scripts

3.The hardware engineer designs the circuit board and can control the peripheral interface through MicroPython to test the circuit.

The following table lists the NuMicro microcontrollers supported status by NuMicroPy.



Required ROM size

Required RAM size



383 KB/660 KB(W/lvgl)

92 KB/128 KB(W/lvgl)



351 KB

64 KB



266 KB

35 KB

LittlevGL required RAM size 128KB = 96KB + 32KB(SPIM cache)

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