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GUI Platform

With the rise of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, market demand for HMI continues to grow. Nuvoton offers the platform which is a comprehensive MCU/MPU solutions along with embedded GUI software from SEGGER to fulfill various production and design needs.

The GUI platform offers a graphical user interface (GUI) solution to help users to create a powerful and stunning graphics for the embedded system. The GUI platform can be implemented on HMI for industrial, machines, and appliances, etc. Users can select the different NuMicro® MCU/MPU series to build their GUI solutions. When selecting the N9H MPU series for emWin platform, it supports up to 1024x768 (24-bit) resolution of a display; selecting the M487 series, it supports up to 480 x 272 resolution; and using the M032 series, it will support up to 320x240 resolution of a display.

LCM Resolution < 320x240 < 480x272 320x240 ~ 800x480 800x480 ~ 1024x768 800x480 ~ 1024x768
Part Number M032 Series M480 Series N9H20 Series N9H26 Series N9H30 Series
Core Type Cortex-M0 Cortex-M4 Arm9 Arm9 Arm9 
Frequency  72 MHz 192 MHz 200 MHz 264 MHz 300 MHz
LCM Interface RGB(16/24bit) - -
Video Codec - - MJPEG MJPEG/H.264 MJPEG
2D Graphic Engine - -
Color Depth Mono OLED
16M TFT - -
Physical Buttons
External Touch IC
Build-in Resistive touch ADC
Flash Size 512 KB 256 KB/ 512 KB/ 2 MB External Flash External Flash External Flash
RAM Size 96 KB 96 KB/ 160 KB 2 MB/ 8 MB/ 32 MB 64 MB 16 MB/ 64 MB/ 128 MB
Audio I2S I2S Stereo DAC/I2S Stereo DAC/I2S I2S
Support OS Non-OS
Linux 2.6.8
Linux 3.10
NuMaker Boards  Part No. NuMaker-emWin-M032 NuMaker-emWin-M032 NuDesign_TFT_LCD4.3(F)   NuDesign HMI-N9H26 NuDesign TFT-LCD5 NuMaker-emWin-N9H30 
 NuMaker-emWin-M032  NuMaker-emWin-M487 NuMaker-emWin-N9H20  NuMaker-emWin-N9H26   NuMaker-emWin-N9H30 
User Manual User manual  User manual User manual   User manual User manual 
Hardware Schematic  Schematic   Schematic Schematic 
 Software  BSP  BSP  BSP BSP