Debugger/ Programmer

NuMicro Product Flow Chart

PinConfig PinConfig PinConfig PinView PinView ICP AP ICP NuGang Programmer ISP AP NuGang Programmer FAE Support: Tool_Software


Nuvoton provides both hardware and software development tools to customers to shorten the product development time using Nuvoton NuMicro® Family, 32-bit Cortex-M0/M4 Microcontrollers. The simple, easy-to-use and real-featured development system provides a quick and easy way for product development and debugging. With ISP, ICP, On-line/Off-line programming capability, abundant hardware tools including the NuTiny, Nu-Link (ICE Bridge), Nu-LB (development learning board), standalone writer and gang-programmer are available to help customers shorten the time-to-market for product development and production. Besides the tools provided by Nuvoton, Keil RVMDK and IAR EWARM also supports the complete development tool chain with project manager, editor, compiler tools for the NuMicro® Family.

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