Smart Home Audio(318)

KA49 Series

Lithium-ion batteries has high energy density and low memory effect and will be used in storage likes battery-powered equipment and solar power as well as automotive .
To safely and efficiently use a battery , the management of the series connected cells is important. This IC has high precision AD converter for 22-series cells to measure battery voltage and charge/discharge current and equalizes the cell voltage. It has the protection function for battery voltage and over- current detection for safety.
The micro computer with communication function for battery management , analog IC and power devices are prepared.

・Monitoring up to 22 batteries cells in series lithium -ion cells
・High performance by SOI (Silicon on Insulator) process
  1. High accuracy from low to high temperatures
  2. Stabilize a circuit by reducing noise
  3. Latch-up free
・Controlling cell by integrated circuit reduces the number of parts, circuit board area and costs

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